Snake Shot Conditioning Drill

By Matt Carroll -

The Snake Shot Conditioning Drill is especially effective for counter-attacking teams who will need the pace and stamina to make long runs from deep to get on the end of the passes in the final third created by breakaways. The setup includes setting up two goals facing the same way about forty feet apart with a curve of cones extending from opposite end lines creating an arc that ends in the middle of the goal. Coaches or other players should station themselves on the side of the goals with balls.

The drill starts with a player sprinting along the outside of the arc of cones, as they near the end the coach or other player will lay a ball off to them, they should round the final cone and be coming towards the goal when they make a connection with the ball. A goalkeeper can be added, or specific targets with point values assigned. After the first shot, they should sprint to the next arc and repeat the action.

On their return to the starting line, players should sprint around the edges of the far side of the drill, while doing so each coach will play a ball in their path that they will then try to cross back on their way back to the starting line.

By Matt Carroll

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