Shot Blocking and Deflections

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on breakaways, shot blocking and deflections.

Start with a keeper in goal, another keeper on the 6 yard line and a server just outside the 18. Two balls are set around 15 yards out

The server starts by running toward one of the balls. The first keeper reacts and plays it like a breakaway.

If the keeper can get to the ball first, he dives and wins the ball

If he can’t he keeps his feet and waits for an opportunity to pounce.

If the server can beat the first keeper, the second keeper becomes live and tries to make the save

In this activity the first keeper is working on breakaways and the second keeper is working more on shot blocking, dealing with deflections and staying ready.

If you have three keepers in training, they would rotate between being the first keeper, second keeper and third keeper.

Once the server starts toward a ball, they must keep going to that ball. The idea is they should not try to change directions.

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