1v1 Attacking and Defending Around the Box

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today's featured activity works on 1 v 1 attacking and defending around the 18.

Most of the time, when we work on 1 v 1 play, it's with the attacker facing the defender.  However, frequently in games, the attacking player receives the ball with his back to the goal and must create space and turn in order to get the shot.  While the attacking player is trying to create space and turn, the defending player is trying to prevent the turn and force the attacker away from the goal.

This is the type of training you would do with small groups because otherwise, there is too much standing around.

Start with a keeper in goal, a line of attackers (in black) at the corner of the 6 and end line and a line of defenders (in yellow) just a step wider than the attackers and 2 yards back.  There is a server with some balls wider than the defenders.

The server plays the ball  toward the top of the 18 and the first player in each line sprints toward the ball.

The attacking player is going to use his body to shield the ball from the defender.

There are any number of options on how the attacking player gets turned including taking a touch away to create space, feinting one way and turning the other and leaning back into the defender and then turning and facing quickly.

While the attacking player is trying to turn, the defending player is simply trying to prevent the turn and slow the attacker down.  If the defender isn't able to turn after a few touches, the play is over and the next group goes.  If the defending player wins the ball, he plays the ball away and the next group goes.

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