Midfield/Forward Combination Play

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on a midfielder playing into a target player and then a quick combination.

A line of players with balls starts around 40 yards from goal.  A target player started 25 yards from goal between two cones.  A keeper is in goal.

The first player with the ball plays it into the target player.

The target player lays the ball back softly and then spins away

The initial passer plays the ball through to the target player for a first time shot

The initial passer then becomes the target player, the initial target player retrieves the ball and goes to the back of the line and the activity starts up again.

While this might seem like a slow moving activity with a lot of standing around, done properly, as soon as the shot is hit, the next pass is played and pretty soon, players are sprinting to get back to the line so they are there for their next turn.

There are many variations you can do with this but it’s a simple example of having a fast moving shooting activity in a warm uo

Have a great day!


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