How To Teach Long Passing and Receiving

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on long passes, receiving long passes and short combinations.

Start with players in groups of 2’s in a 50 x 50 area.

One player has a ball and they make a long pass (preferably between 30-45 yards) to another group of 2.

As the ball is in the air, the receiving players partner quickly moves to position himself to receive a one touch lay off



This player then plays a soft ball off for the player who originally received the ball and that player makes a one touch pass to another group

This continues with all groups participating.  Everything is done one touch so the partners must work together to position themselves properly when the long ball is played toward them.

After doing this for a bit add in one new variable which is the players must be jogging the whole time. Now, instead of passing to stationary players, they have to pass (and receive) with movement.

Have a great day!


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