Quick Combinations and Shooting

By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on small combinations and shooting.

Start with two groups of players. Three players in each group start in triangles outside the 18. In the example below, players 1, 2 and 3 make a group and players 4, 5 and 6 make the second group. There is a keeper in goal and extra players for each group.


Player 1 starts with a ball and makes a quick pass to player 2.


Player 2 passes to player 3.


Player 3 passes to player 1 and then overlaps around player 1.


Player 1 lays the ball for player 3 to hit a first time shot.


Player 1 then becomes player 2. Player 2 then becomes player 3 and player 3 retrieves the ball while a new player takes his spot.

As soon as the shot is hit, the second group begins their turn.


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This is a very quick moving activity so while it might seem like there will be a lot of standing around waiting for turns, done properly this wont be a problem.

There are many options like this to work on quick, short passes, combinations and finishing.

Have a great day!


By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

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