How NOT To Screw Up a 2v0 Break-Away

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on 2 v 0 breakaways.

Recently I have seen a few situations where two players broke through on a breakaway (either because of a poorly executed offside trap or the last defender makes a big mistake). In two of these cases the attacking player without the ball ran beyond the ball, into an offside position, which made him unusable. Here is a simple activity that will help prepare players for this type of a situation.

Start with a keeper in goal and two attacking players 40 yards out (one with a ball). Have a defender 10 yards behind them. The purpose of the defender is to force the attackers to go at speed.


Play starts with the first touch of the ball


The key is for the player with the ball to go at full speed (otherwise the defender will catch him) and for the second player to make sure he is behind the ball at all times, The defender tries to put pressure. The keeper will come out to pressure the ball


Assuming the second attacker has made a good run, one of the easiest ways to score in this situation is for the player with the ball to make a simple pass across to the runner for a first time shot.


If you have 15 field players and 2 keepers you can go one right after the other (keepers alternate each time) and as soon as the attack is over, the next group goes and these players sprint back to get ready to go again.

Emphasize the importance of making a good run, using the runner and going at full speed.

Have a great day!


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