Goalkeeper Exercise For Strength and Balance

By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on strength, balance, catching and a little bit of fitness.

Start with a keeper and a server 10 yards apart. The server has a ball in his hands.


For a one minute period the server volleys balls to the keeper who catches and then throws the ball back.


At the end of the one minute period the same thing continues but now the keeper must stand on his right foot only (if he has to move to a side to catch the ball he must hop without putting the other foot down. This is done for a one minute period.

Next do the same thing but standing on the left foot only. Again, do this for a one minute period.

Next, put a cone beside the keeper.


The keeper starts by jumping sideways over the cone, catching the volley and then playing the ball back


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The keeper then jumps back over and does the same thing (this continues for a one minute period).

Next the keeper does this same thing but right foot only (so he must jump to the side, over the cone and land on the right foot as well then catch the ball, return it and do the same thing the other direction, still on the right foot only).

Next is the same thing left foot only.

Do a total of 2 sets of this and it will work on balance, leg strength, catching and a little bit of fitness

Have a great day!


By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

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