Four Goal Directional Game

By Renato Lopez Moreira - 

This small-sided game is played with two teams of seven and three neutral players who always assist the team in possession. The game is played in a 30 x 30-yard area with two small goals at each end. Each team defends one end and attacks the other.


The attacking team works to keep possession and move the ball down the field to the goals that they are attacking. One neutral player is on the field while the other two are on the sides of the area and can enter if they have the ball in order to score but then must move to the outside once they shoot or pass.


The defenders work to regain possession and attack in the other direction. They should transition quickly to attack in order to take advantage of any space that is left undefended by the team that just lost the ball.

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  • Remove the neutral and have one member of each team play outside the area as wingers
  • Vary the number of initial number of players
  • Limit the number of ball touches per player, accelerating or slowing the pace of game
  • Vary the size of game area, increasing or decreasing it
  • Free Joker's movement, allowing them to exchange position through the fields
  • Limit the Joker's action during the exercise

By Renato Lopez Moreira - Author of Training Sessions for the 4-3-3


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