Fitness and Footwork

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on fitness and footwork.

Start with a 10 x 10 grid and two keepers.  The keepers start at opposite corners of the grid.

This is a simple game of tag where both keepers are “it”.  They start by running in the same direction (clockwise) and are trying to catch the other keeper.  When one catches the other keeper by tagging them, they win.

Next do the same thing but this time in the other direction.

Next go back to the original direction but now add a ball in each corner.  The keepers must slide side to side and touch each ball as they go around the ball.  The emphasis should be on staying low during the slides and touch the ball while making the turn without having to slow down too much.

Next do this in the other direction.

Next we add a dive into the equation.  The keepers sprint to the next corner, dive for the ball as they would for a breakaway and then get up and continue until one keeper catches the other keeper.

By adding this dive it encourages the keepers to dive from a distance (when dealing with breakaways too many keepers feel they need to get right on the ball before diving and in doing so they are too late) as well as emphasizing the importance of getting back to their feet quickly.

Make sure to do this in both directions.

There is a LOT of fitness in this activity so make sure the keepers have a good rest between turns.

Have a great day!


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