Finishing In a Competitive Environment

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s activity involves finishing in a competitive environment.

Start with a 30 x 30 grid with two full sized goals and a keeper in each goal.  It’s 2 v 2 in the middle and in each attacking half there is a player on each sideline and a player on each part of the end line

In the diagram above the black team is attacking the top goal and the yellow team is attacking the bottom goal.

The players on the field play unlimited touch and can go anywhere on the field.  The players on the sideline can’t go past the cones so they must stay in their attacking half of the field.

The game starts with a field player getting a ball from goal and passing or dribbling into play

The field players can pass to themselves or to any of the outside players on their team. If a player on the outside receives a pass they can pass to either of the players on the field or to any of the other attacking players on the outside but they are limited to one touch.

If a team scores one of their players sprints back to the goal, gets another ball and starts back up.

If a team is scored upon, the two field players sprint off the field, the two players on the sideline become the field players, the two players on the end line go to the sidelines and either two new players go to the end line or the two field players go to the end line (depending upon how many players you have available.

This is a very competitive game and everyone has to be alert at all times because if a goal is scored the scoring team grabs another ball and starts right up and if the defending team hasn’t rotated yet, they go and score again.

There are many variations of this game and to learn more check out the DVD Competitive Finishing Exercises.

Have a great day!


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