Don't Be Static When Attacking

One  of the problems with many teams attacks is players become static.  Midfielders stay behind the forwards, forwards stand and wait for the ball to be passed etc.

This activity works on movement, penetration, anticipation and combination in getting to goal.  Start with three gates, each 3 yards apart around 25 yards from goal.  There are three midfielders and 1 forward to start.  There is also a keeper in goal.  This type of activity is the type you will see in the DVD Teaching Tactics the Brazilian Way.

The midfielders pass amongst themselves and the forward must keep moving because the penetrating pass can only be made through one of the gates.

Once the ball is played through the gate, the forward has one touch to lay the ball back to one of the midfielders for a first time shot or pass.  Rather than waiting for the ball to be played all the way back, the midfielders would have to be moving to put themselves into position to receive the ball

Typically, you would want two of the midfielders making runs and one holding centrally.  By encouraging one to hold, it gets the midfielders in the habit of maintaining some shape and balance.

Next, do the same thing but now add two defensive midfielders.  This will force the players to work quicker and to work harder for better passing angles

With adding these two defenders, everything else stays the same.

Next, add a defender for the forward as well.

Depending upon your system of play and numbers, you can do this with 4 midfielders vs 3 defending midfielders and also have a second forward and defender in back.

This activity is a great way to work on movement, anticipation and passing while maintaining shape and balance in attack.

This type of activity is the type you will see in the DVD Teaching Tactics the Brazilian Way.

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