Soccer Stability – Lateral Jumps 2-2 Stick

Playing soccer places a lot of stress on a player’s body, therefore minimising this stress becomes a priority for both coach and player. Dynamic stability requires the player to maintain/hold an ‘ideal posture’ during a phase of movement. Decelerating, changing direction and landing from jumping places pressure on the ankle, knees & hips. Here is an exercise that will help to teach basic hip, knee & ankle stability through improved landing mechanics:  Lateral Jumps 2-2 Stick.


  • Teach the athlete how to land safely, with minimal stress through the lower body.
  • Gain dynamic stability at the hip, knee and ankle moving laterally

Coaching Cues:

  • Finish in a quarter squat position.
  • Stick each landing.
  • Jumps don’t need to be very large
  • Hips level
  • No lateral knee movement on landing


  • Start with feet shoulder width apart facing side on.
  • Jump to the right approximately 2 feet.
  • Land on the balls of the feet first and then down to the heels and finally squat into the landing.
  • The finished position is feet flat on the ground, body weight centred over the heel of each foot, knees flexed, back straight.
  • Come to a complete stop between jumps.
  • Complete 4 reps moving to the right, before completing 4 reps moving back to the left.

Athletic Focus – This exercise is an entry level dynamic stabilisation drill. A concept of joint positioning/alignment needs to have been covered which will strengthen working muscles in a more controlled environment. Therefore, static stability training involving the hip, knee, and ankle should be completed prior to attempting this activity.

Stewart Briggs, BHMS, M.Ed., C.S.C.S, PSP
Managing Director at Acceleration
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