Conditioning With a Technical and Tactical Element

Here is a fun game for young soccer players that involves a lot of running and also technical and tactical aspects.  While it’s great for young players it’s interesting to do with older players as well.  They will work just as hard, get just as much out of it and have a blast playing.

This game can be played with full sized goals and keepers or smaller goals without keepers.  In this example the game will have keepers.  The size of the field can vary but here the field is 40 x 30

Start with two teams lined up on one of the sidelines with a coach between them with balls.

The coach plays a ball to the middle of the field and the first player in each line starts by sprinting around the far corner of the field

The players then sprint to the ball and try to score on the far goal.  This turns into a 1 v 1 game after a hard sprint.  If either player slows the ball down, the coach calls time and the next two players start.  As soon as the play is over the players sprint to the back of the line.

Each player would go 4 times.

Next do the same thing but instead of the first player in each line going by themselves it’s the first 2 players in each line.  Each players must sprint around the corner and then play starts.  As soon as the play is over the players sprint to the back of the line.

Next the same thing is done with 3 players each.

When playing 1 v 1 the players have a little bit of standing around while waiting for their turn but when it gets to 2 v 2 and then 3 v 3 and then 4 v 4 the players are having to sprint back to the line to get ready for their next turn.

You can also do it where the coach serves the ball and then calls a number.  If “1” is called the first player in each line plays.  If “2” is called the first 2 players in each line is called and so on.

There is a lot of running, a lot of communicating and a lot of technical and tactical aspects of the game in this activity.  Young players love do older players.

Have a great day!


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