Coaching the Back Four

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on the back 4 supporting each other.

Start with a keeper in goal and 4 players across the back (if your team plays with 3 across the back you can do that instead).  Two forwards from the opposing team are just in front of them and a midfielder with a ball is 20 yards away

The two forwards move along the line in front of the backs.

As the forward gets near a back, the back steps up to mark up and the others fall back in support

Unless the backs are trying to step up and push the forwards up or offside, the backs should really never be flat.

If the midfielder plays into one of the forwards, the backs react accordingly

When the ball is played in, it’s then live and the midfielder can join in the attack and the defense will shift as needed

This is an excellent way for a back 4 to work on supporting each other and to realize that even when they are playing zonally, they still mark up, based on who is in their area.

Have a great day!


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