Catching and Distribution

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on catching, distribution, footwork and fitness.

Start with 4 cones making up a 3 x 3 square

A keeper starts at cone 4 and a server starts 10 yards in front of the cones with a ball.

The keeper starts by back peddling to cone 2 then sliding side to side to cone 1.

The player then slides to cone 2 and then forward to cone 4

The server plays a ball to the center of the line between cones 3 and 4 and the keeper makes the save (with or without a dive, depending upon how the server plays the ball).

The keeper then continues on to cone 3, back peddles to cone 1 slides side to side to cone 2 and then reverses to come back to the middle.

The server has the option of playing balls on the ground, in the air, hard, soft etc.   Due this 5 times in each direction.

Next do the same thing but now the keeper must use his feet.  This is helping the keeper work on their foot skills.

The key to this activity is is involves a lot of short bursts of movement so rather than doing 40 yard sprints (which a keeper would rarely do in a game) they are doing 3 yard sprints (which happens all the time).

Have a great day!


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