Penetrating Passes

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on penetrating passes in a game environment.

In the diagram below we have a 5 v 5 game with a neutral player in white.  The size of the field can vary but something in the 40 x 30 range works well.

This is a typical small sided game but goals count as 3 points.  A team can earn 1 point by making any pass that splits 2 defenders.

As an example, in the diagram below the black player makes a pass to a teammate but no defenders are split so no point is won.

In the diagram below a pass is made that successfully splits two defenders so a point is won.

This activity is designed to encourage going to goal and to encourage looking for penetrating passes while not discouraging safe passes.

This game will also encourage the teams work on a nice compact shape defensively which will make it difficult to get scored upon and to get split.

By adding the neutral player, who is always on offense, it gives the attacking team more options.

Have a great day!


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