5V5 For Aerobic Power

By Alex Trukan

This practice is based on combining two 5v5 games with regular rules to achieve various outcomes. From a physical point of view, it works on aerobic power – an ability to recover quickly between high intensity actions. This will help players feel tired for much shorter period and develop less fatigue after they have done sprints or other explosive actions. As this practice is game based, it can be used to improve a variety of technical skills. It also teaches players to deal with underload and overload situations, challenges their decision making and awareness. Most importantly though, it is really engaging and enjoyable for players. They absolutely love it and at the same time improve their without even thinking about it!

Set up and directions
Organise two 5v5 pitches with two goals and appropriate dimensions for this game format. Pitches have to be ideally set up next to each other as shown on the diagram below. Organise goalkeepers in goals. Divide the players into two teams of 8 and then ask them to start with 4 players from a team on each pitch. Prepare a supply of balls to ensure flow of the practice.

Games on both pitches start at the same time. Teams attempt to score in the opposite goals using regular rules of play. The main condition in this practice only happens after a goal is scored. When a team scores a goal, one of the players from that team goes to the other pitch and joins his relevant team. Yellows on the right side pitch scored, so one of their player will join yellows on the other pitch.

As it can be seen on the diagram below, yellows on the left side pitch were playing already overloaded and scored, so one of their players will join yellow team on the other pitch. Similarly, blacks have scored on the right side pitch, so one of their players will come across and join blacks on the other pitch.

This condition ensures that players are constantly challenged to play in overloaded and underloaded situations. Minimum amount of players per team is 2 + GK. If the team has two players on the pitch and scores another goal, no exchange of players is made.

The practice should be continued for 4-8 minutes and repeated 4-6 times with 2 minutes break in between repetitions.

- 4v4/6v6
- When a team is underloaded, goals count twice
- Make the pitch bigger/smaller or adapt goal types

By Alex Trukan, Development Coach, Nottingham Forest - @AlexTrukan

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