4v2 Possession Game in Two Squares

By Alex Trukan

This exercise is a modification of a classical 4v2 possession game. Two squares instead of one are used, what places additional conditioning demand on players. Shuttle runs between squares require the power to accelerate which for example can be used during transition phase or when switching play.

Set up and directions
Organize 4 squares as shown on the diagram below. Divide a team into two groups of 7 players. Then, divide those two groups into 5 attackers and 2 defenders. Four attackers and 2 defenders (4v2) should occupy one square, while the remaining attacking player should be in the opposite square as shown on the diagram.


The game starts as a classical 4v2 possession game. Players try to make min. 10 passes, what counts as a one point. If the defenders gets the ball (gets into possession, not only touch), they change places with the attacker who lost it and a player who has passed the ball to him. The game continues for 1 min. Then, the coach gives a signal and a ball can be played to the player in the opposite square.


After that, 3 attacking players and 2 defenders make a sprint (100%) to the opposite square in order to support the player who has received a ball.


Afterwards, the 4v2 game continues for 1 min. (coach gives a signal again). Player who stays in the opposite square should be rotated. The other option is to use goalkeepers.

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4v2 game continues for 1 minute (treated as an active recovery period). Sprint between squares is one repetition. There should be 4-6 repetitions in 1-2 series. Include 1 min. rest between repetitions (4v2) and 4 min. rest between series.


  • 3v1/5v2 instead of 4v2
  • Two players in the opposite square
  • Running with the ball to the opposite square instead of passing it

By Alex Trukan, Development Coach, Nottingham Forest

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