1v1 Conditioning Game

By Matt Carroll -

The 1v1 Conditioning Game is a great way to involved players in conditioning while keeping them on the ball for the majority of the drill. The drill starts with two 10 foot endzones set 20 feet apart with cones connecting each creating a grid. There should be two players in each endzone, one ready to play and the other in reserve.

The game starts with one of the players dribbling the ball into the grid attempting to dribble into the opposing endzone, if the player off the ball wins it they then try to transition and dribble into their opposite endzone. If the ball goes out both players go back to the end of the line they started in and the next two players begin their 1v1.

If one of the players successfully dribbles into the endzone they then leave the ball for the player in reserve at that endzone and begin to sprint around the grid. The player that loses must then run through the other grid and do a full lap around the grid. While they are running the two reserse players start a 1v1. Once the players complete their full circle they can then enter so if one player enters the grid first it will create a 2v1, they then need to capitalize on the numerical advantage before the other player finishes their lap making it a 2 v 2. Once the ball goes out, or one team crosses the endzone, play resets again with a 1v1.

By Matt Carroll

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