US Youth Soccer Nationals Come to Kansas

Each year there are 55 state championships (Ohio, Pennsylvanian and Texas are divided into two states for soccer) are held that lead to four Regional Championships. The winners of the U13 through U19 age groups for boys and girls advance to the USYS National Finals along with the winners and runners-up of their Nationals League division. This brings a total 0f 88 of the top teams in the country together to decided the National Champion in 14 age groups.

Here's a link to the Nationals Finals site, schedule and standings.

The locations of the National Finals changes each year but for the second time in three years it is being held at Overland Park Soccer Complex in Kansas. It's a fantastic complex that may be the best in the country. Here's a video that shows the features of the complex:

I'm fortunate to live a mile and a half from the complex and have had the opportunity to watch several game and I'll be there for the finals this weekend (I'm writing this on Friday, July 26). The level of play and commitment of the players is outstanding. I only wish that more of our local players and parents were taking advantage of the opportunity to see the game being played at this level.

Watching these games really puts our local level of play into perspective.  We think our players are skillful and play the game with speed and energy but it's nothing close to what these teams are capable of.


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If you ever have the chance to see a National Finals don't pass it up. You won't be disappointed in the level of play and enthusiasm of the players. It's extremely inspirational.

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