Transitional Possession

By Renato Lopez Moreira - 

This game is a progress of the one from 'Possession From Target to Target' last week.

  • The game is played in a 30 x 30 yard area divided into two 15 x 30 yard areas
  • There is no limitations on the number of touches each player can take
  • Ten consecutive passes are worth one point
  • The game is 10 minutes long


The Attackers exchange passes between them trying to maintain the ball possession as long as they can. The Defense is divided into two groups: three Defenders try to win the ball while the other two wait in the other half of the field.


As soon as one of the three defenders intercept and maintain possession he makes a long pass to one of the two defenders positioned at the other half of the field.


Three defenders, who are now Attackers, and three Attackers, who are now Defenders, will go to the other half of the field and restart the 5x3 game situation.

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If the Defenders only touch the ball but not keep it the count starts all over again.
In the end of the time, the team that score the most number of points wins.


  • You can limit the number of ball touches per player;
  • You can variate the number of players, increasing or decreasing it;
  • You can vary the size of game área, increasing or decreasing it;
  • You can vary the number of Attackers / Defenders, creating a offensive or defensive imbalance situation.

By Renato Lopez Moreira - Author of Training Sessions for the 4-3-3


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