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Progression to Teach Building from the Back

This week's Animated Drills Video looks at activities that you can use to teach your team to confidently build from the back. The adjustments to the Laws of the Game that went into effect this summer encourage teams to train their players to be comfortable in this area of the field and these activities will

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5 v 4 Building from the Back

This week's Animated Drills Video is being created with the 'Female Player' template of Academy Soccer Coach. If you're training female players why not have them in your diagrams. The activity I'm sharing this week is a game related activity to work on building from the back. The framework of the activity allows the players

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Game Realistic 1 v 1's

When many coaches create 1 v 1 environments for their team it's limited to an attacker facing a defender who then tries to beat him to score. This certainly occurs during games but there are so many more scenarios that players need to learn how to deal with. This week I want to present ways to make the same old 1 v 1 exercise realistic to more scenerios that occur in a match.

A simple way to adjust the traditional 1 v 1 exercise is to change the position of the players and angle of the passes.


The angle gives the defender the opportunity to

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