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How Germany Broke Through Algeria’s Defence

By Stevie Grieve

In the last analysis I made which was on Algeria’s solid defensive system, I looked at how they made Germany predictable, and how they almost defended in a 6-3-1 formation, playing on the counter attack behind Germany’s high line.

In this, I will look at the slight tactical alteration Jogi Loew made in regards to the runs that Germany looked for, and how it won them the game in Extra Time.

Highlighted areas and runs to exploit the spaces

Germany v Algeria runs
Germany v Algeria runs 2

When Germany had the ball in deep or wide positions, there were 2 main areas that were available on both sides (due to the symmetrical nature of the Algeria defensive block shape) which were;

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Germany v Algeria-06-30-2014

HOW THE MATCH WAS WON by Keith Scarlett FIFA 2014 World Cup, Brazil Monday, 30 June, 2014 Germany 2 v 1 Algeria This second-round elimination match was another game of an underdog impressing and showing better form than the favourites, but still being sent home late after being punished for not taking their chances. Algeria entered

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