Shooting Under Pressure

I'm always looking for ways to transfer shooting technique into goal scoring in games. I've used multiple games and competitive situations. Some have been more effective than others.

I saw a new one last week while doing a combined training session with another coach. Many of you may be familiar with it but I had not seen it done before.

It's a game called, "Power and Finesse". Two teams are lined up outside the top of the penalty area. Each team can have it's own goalkeeper or the goalkeeper can be neutral. The coach provides the passes from one side of the goal or the other.

The first player on the yellow team is  passed a ball near the top of the box that she must hit one touch. As soon as that ball is hit, a second pass is made. This one is between the penalty spot and the top of the six-yard box.

If the player misses both she is out. If she makes one she stays in the game. If she makes two, she challenges a player from the other team who must also make both. The last team with a player remaining in the game is the winner.

There are many different ways that you could change this depending on what you want to work on. You could make the second ball a header. One or both of the passes could be made in the air or bouncing toward the shooter. Those are just a couple.

Have you used this game or another one that has worked well for your team?

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