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Well, we asked for your ideas and feedback on the Member Drills Database and you certainly let us know with more responses than we ever imagined. You came up with lots of good ideas. Thank you so much.

Check out the video below for all the exciting details.




The common themes that were mentioned in the majority of responses were the following in no particular order.

1.  More content...weekly if possible

2.  A better way to search

3.  Content in a different format

4.  A community where coaches can share and discuss ideas.

And we have listened...and come up with some great solutions that will make the Member Drills Database even better.

More Content

We will increase the sessions we upload.  We will now upload a new drill/training session EVERY WEEK (as well as the usual monthly WCC Magazine).  We will alternate a complete training session one week and a small-sided game the next week.

New Authors

We have three great new coaches who will write the articles.  All three coaches have great experience having previously published work as well as extensive coaching backgrounds.  See the video for more details on the three authors.

Different Format

The new weekly articles will be posted directly as blog pages making them easier to find, search and for us to index into topics for you.

Search Function

The current format of the Member Drills Database has a powerful search function.  Check the video above to see it in action.  Plus, the different format of the weekly articles should be easier to search and navigate.  However, we have our IT team looking at various options for us on how we can improve the search function in a big way.  And although we can't get this done right away, we are definitely working on it and hope to have something done soon.

Invitation-Only Coaching Community

We heard this about as much as anything and so we have created an invitation-only Facebook group just for Member Drills Database subscribers.  Here you will be able to discuss the weekly drills and training sessions and come up with your own ideas and thoughts on them.  You can also ask for advice from your fellow coaches...and to make this group special, many of our most experienced coaches and authors have agreed to be an active part of the group.  So this will be a good opportunity to seek advice from coaches with high level qualifications, international experience, decades of top level coaching experience and more.

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