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Warning.  This blog includes a blatant plug for a $50 coupon.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, the Member Drills Database is now fully operational.  And we've been getting tons of great feedback.  We've also had lots of questions so let me try my best to break it down.

The printed WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine is now a digital publication.  The last printed issue was Jan/Feb 2011.

The digital version of the WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine is now published every month and is part of the Member Drills Database.

All subscribers of the printed magazine will be automatically changed over the digital magazine and the Member Drills Database.

The Member Drills Database is the world's largest online searchable database of soccer drills and exercises.  It contains the last five years of the WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine plus another 25 publications covering every topic you can think of including age group specific sessions.

The Member Drills Database is updated every month with a new WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine and we plan to add more publications on a regular basis.  For instance, we have new age group publications that are almost ready and we are working on the 1998-2005 issues of the WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine.  This plus other publications like the notes from our recent coaches tour to Italy and upcoming International Coaching Seminar will be added making it something like an additional 1,000 pages of content over the coming year.

The benefits of the Member Drills Database are:

  • You can access them 24/7
  • Print as many pages as you like
  • Updated with a new issue of the WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine every month
  • Easy and Quick keyword search for sessions and topics of your choice
  • Access them on your iPad or smart phone

Like I said, here is the plug for a $50 coupon.

We are launching a very special promotion for the Member Drills Database.  We don't plan on doing a regular promotion every two years like we did for the magazine.  This is just a special introductory promotion.  We feel that the Member Drills Database sells itself...we just need to ensure as many coaches as possible actually take a look at it.

The offer is pretty simple.  Register for the new Member Drills Database and we will send you a $50 coupon to use on your next purchase.  It's that simple.  This is good for new subscribers and current subscribers...we will just add another year to your current subscription.

Click here for more info.

Have a great weekend.

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