August Issue of WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine Uploaded to Member Drills Database

Yes we have uploaded even more content to the Member Drills Database. The August issue of the WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine has just been uploaded. Included are:

  • A timely article by Kendall Reyes on how Barcelona have mastered the art of attacking
  • Some Dutch defending drills from Jan Pruijn
  • A lively six-goal small-sided game that your players will love from the Aspire Academy, Qatar
  • A soccer conditioning article that looks at the importance of research
  • Some fun games for young players from FineSoccer

NOW WORKS ON ANDROID - I'm excited to announce that this July issue and all future publications from this date forward will now work on Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads. All existing publications will be updated over the next few months.

Here is a testimonial from Craig Scriven of USSSA. We have recently completed an agreement for all 4,000+ USSSA coaches to have unlimited access to the Member Drills Database. Check out the other testimonials from the likes of Anson Dorrance and Randy Waldrum below.

"One of my main goals as USSSA National Director is to find ways in which our association can help all USSSA coaches and players. With the Member Drills Database, WORLD CLASS COACHING has provided this opportunity; we can now supply every single coach in our leagues with quality and specific training sessions. By doing so we create a learning environment for all players and coaches that will help develop the individuals in our programs. The Member Drills Database offered by WORLD CLASS COACHING has significantly added greater value to USSSA and is a massive benefit for our coaches and players." - Craig Scriven – USSSA National Director Scriven

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Here is a short movie clip of a preview of the newly uploaded July issue. You can see more information on the Member Drills Database below.



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Mike Saif


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Here are just a few of the sessions you will find in the Member Drills Database

Cruzeiro – This session by one of Brazil’s top clubs focuses on individual technical aspects of defensive clearances and one-touch passing.

Juventus – A great tactical session from pre-season training when Marcelo Lippi was the manager.

Ajax – This article is a series of drills from Holland’s top club. The drills focus on a small-sided game with target players and 7v6 attack v defense game.

PSV Eindhoven – A complete training session with a focus on shooting and lots of progressions.

Barcelona – A look at the pre-game warm-up exercises and routine of the Spanish club.

Liverpool – An academy team session that focuses on training wide players to combine with midfielders and forwards in order to break down defenses.

Manchester United – A session from the U14 Academy team on long passing and receiving.

Frans Hoek – Hoek was an assistant/goalkeeper coach at Ajax for 12 and Barcelona for six years. This session focuses on goalkeepers dealing with the back pass.

Anson Dorrance – USA’s most successful coach conducted this session on the “Technique Olympics” showing how to quantify technique and make it part of the “Competitive Cauldron”.

Norway U18 National Team – A complete training session focusing on possession.

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“I have attended WORLD CLASS COACHING seminars and used their stuff for years to help put together my training sessions. They have now taken things to the next level with the Member Drills Database. Everything I can possibly need is right there...and I love the search function.” Terry Michler - CBC High School Coach and the USA's most winningest high school coach Michler
“I much prefer the Member Drills Database over the printed magazine. Don't get me wrong, the printed magazine was good, but instead of having piles of old issues lying around and spending time trying to find old articles when I needed them, I just log on to the Member Drills Database and can find what I want right away. New technology is great and you guys are doing a great job with it.” - Wayne Harrison - Technical Director of Youth, Al Ain Football Club, UAE and best selling author Harrison
“All coaches at every level are always looking for new and invigorating ways to deliver sessions and drills to our players. We all borrow good ideas from other coaches. The Member Drills Database is perfect for this - whether it is to review, refresh or reinvent the ways we want to do things - we now have a one-stop shop where we can resource and find the material and turn into our own training sessions on the field. I encourage all coaches at every level to always look to learn and discover more, and the Member Drills Database will help out in this regard to no end.” Rob Gale - Canadian U17 Men's National Team Assistant Coach and Technical Director, Manitoba Soccer Association Gale
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“As a long time subscriber to WORLD CLASS COACHING, I am thrilled with the content and convenience of the new Member Drills Database. It is another example of the constant attention to customer service that WCC provides all of us in our quest to improve as coaches. The Member Drills Database is like having several coaching books at your disposal on your smart phone.” - John Murphy – author, UEFA Pro Badge, men’s assistant at Clemson University Murphy
"I've had the privilege to work at some of the WORLD CLASS COACHING Seminars and have utilized their coaching resources for many years now, and I must say that World Class has always been on the cutting edge of coaching education. Now with the addition of this new Member Drills Database, they have once again outdone themselves. They have captured the World Cup of education if you will! Thanks so much once again for providing us with a tool that keeps us informed and educated in such an easy way." - Randy Waldrum – Head Women's Coach – University of Notre Dame 

USSF "A" License, UEFA "A" License, Past President of the NSCAA, NCAA National Champions 2004 & 2010, Ten –Time Big East Regular Season Champions

"WORLD CLASS COACHING through their Members Drills Database offers the entire coaching community access to an extraordinary resource to help develop players at all levels. As coaches we all seek to have our players better understand the game and their roles within the team through our training sessions and the way we communicate with them. The Member Drills Database gives coaches unique access to training sessions of the top coaches and clubs throughout the world which can only help bring new ideas and new ways of communicating the game to your own players. It is the ultimate soccer development tool!" - Steve Swanson – Head Women's Coach – University of Virginia Swanson

Well, it certainly sounds great from those comments, but let’s take a look at the Member Drills Database in more detail. Below are the thumbnails of the various publications in the Member Drills Database. YES YOU GET 24/7 ACCESS TO ALL OF THIS. And remember, we update with new material every month. For a detailed look, click the link of the January, 2011 issue.

And while you are taking a look, check out all the bookmarks and search functions as well as the magnification and video functions.

Jan Issue January 2011 Issue 


Feb issue February 2011 Issue March Issue March 2011 Issue April Issue April 2011 Issue 

May Issue May 2011 Issue
Cover 2010 Issues Cover 2009 Issues Cover 2008 Issues Cover 2007 Issues Cover 2006 Issues
Session Topics
Dutch Sessions Dutch Sessions Italian Sessions Italian Sessions Possession Possession Golden Goal Golden Goals Goalkeeping Goalkeeping Sessions
Brazilian Brazilian Sessions Systems Systems of Play Pro Youth Pro Youth Academies Shooting Shooting & Finishing Spanish Spanish Sessions
Technical Technical Sessions TecTac Technical/Tactical WarmUps Warm-Ups SSGs Small-Sided Games Crossing Crossing & Finishing
Defending Defending Sessions Conditioning Conditioning Sessions Speed & Agility Full Season
Speed & Agility

FineSoccer FineSoccer Goalkeeper Full Season GK Sessions  

Age Group Training
Cover Coaching U5 - U6 Cover Coaching U7 - U9 Cover Coaching U10 - U13 Cover Coaching U14 - U18 Cover Coaching Analysis
HS Sessions High School 


U16 Sessions U16 Boys and Girls 


U13 Sessions U13/14 Sessions 

U9-11 Sessions U9/11 Sessions 

Drills Archive New Age Group Publication 

Coming Soon

So there you go. You will get 24/7 access to all of the publications above, which total thousands of pages - and you can search for topics instantly and print as many pages as you like.

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Here is a short movie giving an overall look at the Member Drills Database and highlighting some of the unique functions like Keyword Search, Magnification, Bookmarks, Movies and more.

March Movie Issue


How do we compare?

Now let's take a look at how the Member Drills Database compares with other options that are available. I haven't included the names of the other companies, but if you know of them, you should be able to easily figure out who they are.

Search Tool

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Member Drills Database
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The world's top teams and coaches
Company A
A few hundred sessions
Mostly U.S.
Company B
A few hundred Sessions
Mostly English
Company C
6 issues per year
Mostly German and U.S.
Company D
Just the issues you pay for
Mostly European and U.S.
Company E
5,000 pages
Unamed sources
Company F
6 issues per year

* Cost is approximate in U.S. Dollars

So just a quick glance at the table shows that the Member Drills Database is not only great value for your hard earned dollar, but it also has more content and more great functions like "Keyword Search", "Magnify", "Integrated Movie Clips", "Bookmarks" and others.

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P.S. We are getting incredible feedback about our Member Drills Database. Don't forget to check out the January issue of the WORLD CLASS COACHING Magazine using the link above. This will give you a good idea of how good the Member Drills Database is.

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