Making Good Attacking Decisions

By Keith Scarlett

This training session is designed to provide opportunity for players to learn the when, why and how of making decisions when attacking.

Unrestricted space – warm-up: ball between three people – passing and moving

Coaching points:
- Good passing technique
• In order for the players to make good tactical choices they must possess good technical ability
• Players constantly moving

Restricted space

Team plays 2v2+1 in a 35-x-30 yard area with a neutral player who plays for both teams

- Teams try to complete 5 consecutive passes – get one point for doing so
- Penetrate by making the best tactical choice

• Weigh game situation
• Location on the field
• Positioning of teammate versus opponents
• 1st attacker’s technical ability

One goal with counter

Play 4v3 to goal
- Team of four attacks goal
- After defending team wins ball they can score by passing to the target player

Coaching points
- 1st thought - shoot the ball
- 2nd thought – get the ball to someone in scoring position (pass)
- 3rd thought – penetrate by passing or dribbling

4v4 + GK game
No restrictions on players

Coaching point
- Observe to see if the 1st attackers are making good choices

By Keith Scarlett, Former Assistant Women’s Football Coach – Perth Glory FC, Australia, former U.S. Soccer National Staff, follow him on Twitter @keithscarlett and catch his personal blog, "An American Coach Down Under:"

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