A Group Warm-Up For Goalkeepers

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today we will show a simple group warm up activity for keepers

A keeper starts in a small goal (6 yards wide).  A player starts 15 yards out with a ball and other players start on an angle in each direction (also about 15 yards out)

The keeper with the ball starts by “shooting” toward the goal (the objective isn’t to score but rather to make it a ball that will be saved.

The keeper makes the save and then quickly distributes to one of the wide players (all of the players in this activity are keepers).  The player who shot follows the shot and becomes the next keeper.  The keeper, after distributing the ball, follow the pass and becomes the next wide player.

Next you would do the exact same thing but this keeper distributes to the other side

This continues till each player has had a few turns.

This can be done with rolling balls, low ball, high balls, balls that require diving etc.

This is an excellent activity that keeps each goalkeeper in a small group involved, moving and working on distribution (from the feet and from the hands) shot blocking, receiving balls and moving.

Have a great day!


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