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Receiving Balls Out of the Air

I was reviewing the sessions I've run in the first two months of the season and noticed that I hadn't run a session on dealing with balls in the air.

This is a topic that I usually do once or twice a month with my girls teams because they seem to have more difficulty in this area than my boys teams do. I'm not sure why this is the case. In talking to other coaches, some have suggested that girls don't play as many throwing and catching games as boys do. Whatever the reason, I've used this session with a number of teams over the years.

I begin with a juggling warm-up. It begins with free juggling and progresses to include some form of limitation depending on the level of the players.


  • One juggle and catch - for players having trouble with the technique of juggling
  • Progressive Juggling - One and catch, two and catch, three and catch, etc.
  • Right Foot, Left Foot continuous pattern

Throw, Receive and Dribble Away
The players each have a ball in their hands. They jog around the area, throw the ball slightly

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