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Real Sociedad v Real Madrid

By Stevie Grieve

In the recent match between Real Sociedad and Real Madrid, there were 6 goals, with 50% scored from corner kicks, with several other missed headers and 2nd balls which could’ve resulted in more goals.

Interestingly, both teams chose to leave the back post open with no player on there, which turned out to be a zone which was tried to be exploited by both teams.

Sociedad Corner Routine

  • 6 players forward, GK and 3 back, 1 at 35m
  • Drilled, flat delivery to around 6m
  • 2 men at the front zone for the flick on
  • 2 men attack the back – 1 from a central starting position who loops around unmarked
  • 1 player on edge of the box for rebounds


Near Post Flick on routine


As the flat ball is drilled in, it has enough pace that a flick on will continue fast enough past the GK and central defensive players. Sociedad look to exploit the back post zone as there is nobody on the

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How to Deal With Corner Kicks

By Lawrence Fine, Author of the FineSoccer Coaching Bible.

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s featured activity works on dealing with corner kicks.

Corner kicks are one of the most difficult situations for keepers to deal with. The reasons range from having a lot of players in a small area which makes decision making difficult (“Can I get the ball?”, “Should I punch or catch” etc). It also is difficult as different teams take completely different approaches to corner kicks so the situation a team saw last week might be very different the next week. One big reason corner kicks are so difficult for keepers is they don’t prepare for them enough.

To start you might have a keeper in goal and a player serving balls in from the corner.


The keeper decides whether to come and get the ball or whether to stay back.. The problem is many keepers

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