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Possession and Group Decision Making

By Gabriel Celante

This drill will work on individual and group decision making about where to play the ball, holding possession, and completing a series of passes. This drill also emphasizes switching the point of attack and quickly transition play.


1. Set up the field as shown on the diagram.
2. Split the field in two halves
3. Split the teams in 2 groups of 5v1, 5v2 or 4v2


The team that starts the ball has to make 5 passes and then

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Dribbling and Passing With a Conditioning Element

by Gabriel Celante

This drill helps to improve anaerobic and aerobic capacity, speed with and without the ball as well as accuracy passing, timing, first touch, and dribbling with all parts of the foot.

Aerobic and Anaerobic Capacity Through Dribbling and Passing.


  • Line up partners facing each other with a ball.
  • Partners should be spaced 30 meters apart.
  • Set up four different
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