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Before You Can Play...

More and more coaches want their teams to play creative, attacking soccer but they are often playing against teams that are content to simply launch the ball up the field in hopes of taking advantage of a mistake to score a goal. If you want your team to be able to play skillful soccer you're going to have to spend some time teaching them how to get the ball down and under control.

These two exercises are ones that I have used to train my players to control balls out of the air quickly and cleanly so that we can

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Juggling Study

In a post from August of last year entitled, 'Juggling - Developmentally Important or Just a Nice Trick' I described a new juggling program we implemented with our club. We set juggling targets for each age group in an effort to give the players a goal to shoot for so that they would be motivated to work on juggling in their own time. I found the question discussed in the post to be a difficult one to answer. I hadn't seen anything that quantified the benefits of juggling as they relate to balance, touch or ball control. 

I recently came across the study below which looked at

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Juggling - Developmentally Important or Just a Nice Trick

Our club recently established a set of benchmarks for how many times the players should be able to juggle at a given age. Here are those targets:

U8 - 10 with feet only - 10 with thighs only - 4 with head only
U9 - 20 with feet only - 20 with thighs only - 6 with head only
U10 - 10 with feet only - 10 with thighs only - 12 with head only
U11 - 80 with feet only - 80 with thighs only - 24 with head only
U12 - 100+ with feet only - 100+ with thighs only - 50+ with head only

Unfortunately, most of our players in the club are below these standards so we'll be working to improve that this year.

When you talk about juggling with coaches you usually

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