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Competitive Small Group Training

Harness the rapid improvements of small group training with drills that will give your players more touches and more time on the ball in every session

Finally, the blueprint for small group training is here! Competitive Small Group Training is a special guide on how to gain the accelerated improvements from small group training. Packed with other 70 drills and numerous progressions, this book provides everything you need to improve your players’ technique, tactical awareness and more through the intensity of small sided training.

Are you struggling to get the improvements you want in training? Are your players not getting enough time on the ball to advance their skills? If so, maybe it’s time your players stopped waiting in lines and spent more time practicing through performing small sided group training drills.

Competitive Small Group Training is a special book focused on small group training. Comprising of over 70 drills and exercises, with multiple progressions, this book provides everything you need to gain rapid advances in your team’s performance. Divided into sections on technique, tactics and stamina, the drills in Competitive Small Group Training include defensive footwork, triangular passing moves, dead ball situations and more. All of the drills have been carefully selected to enable you to create dynamic training environments that will raise the intensity and give your players more time on the ball in every session.

Competitive Small Group Training also features a forward by former US international player Tony Senneh. All of the proceeds from this book go towards the Senneh Foundation, which helps disadvantaged kids to learn valuable life lessons from the game of soccer. So buying Competitive Small Group Training will not only improve your players’ abilities but will also help kids less fortunate to gain the physical and mental benefits of the beautiful game.

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