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5v5 Counter Attacking

By Alex Trukan This 5v5 conditioned game is focused on developing anaerobic endurance – the ability of the body to produce repetitive high intensity actions without loses in their quality (speed/strength). This will help players to be explosive even towards the end of the match. The tactical element of this game is aimed towards counter-attacking

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Small Sided Game to Improve Anaerobic Endurance

By Alex Trukan The presented game is aimed at improving players’ ability to produce more high intensity actions throughout the game. This is achieved in a conditioned game which has elements of defensive transition, combination play as well as recovery runs. The organisation of this practices challenges players to react quickly when losing possession as

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4 v 4 + 3 Transition Game

By Alex Trukan

The 4 v 4 + 3 transition game can be used as a tool to develop not only technical aspects but also tactical and physical ones. From the fitness perspective, it focuses on improving Anaerobic Endurance which is responsible for maintaining high quantity of actions throughout the whole match due to quicker recovery between high intensity efforts. In addition to that, from a tactical point of view, this exercise places high demands on players to make quick transitions from attack to defence and vice versa.

Set-Up and Directions
Organise an area of approximately 20x30 yards. Divide the team into two groups of 4 players and additional group of 3 neutrals. One team of 4 players stays outside the square, second group of 4 is defending inside the

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