Getting Screened

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on reactions and being screened.

Most training that involves shot blocking involves a keeper making saves from various angles or in different situations but one area that frequently gets neglected is reacting to being screened.

Making a save from 10 yards away is difficult

Making the same save with a player screening you from seeing the ball is even more difficult.

To start, have the screener (in this case the yellow player) just stand still and the server shoots the ball past the screener.  The keeper has to make the save.

As the keeper gets more comfortable making these saves the screener can try to become more of a distraction.  This can be done by moving with the ball and then jumping over the ball or by diving over the ball.  The screener can also change the distance he stands from the ball to make it easier or harder for the keeper to see.

As the keeper gets even more comfortable the screener can also be given the options of deflecting the ball.  This would involve a simple touch to change the direction of the ball.  This will force the keeper to stay on his feet longer and not commit too soon.

It’s extremely important for a keeper to prepare for screens and deflections and this is one effective way to do so.

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