A 5v2 Small-Sided Game With a Twist

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity is a 5 v 2 game with a twist.

In a typical game of 5 v 2 the movement is limited to a couple of steps in any direction to change the angle of support.  The only players doing a lot of movement are the defenders.

In this modified version of 5 v 2 there is a lot more movement and players have to react to each others runs.  This game is played in a 15 x 15 yard grid (the size can vary) and the one change is after each pass, the passer must overlap another player.

This will result in the other players having to move as well

Each pass will result in similar type movement.

The passer does not have to always overlap the player receiving the ball.

By adding this wrinkle into the game it encourages more movement, more communication and more thought.

Have a great day!


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