Session Designer - Create Your Own Diagrams

I am excited to announce the release of our brand new WORLD CLASS COACHING Session Designer.  It's the first Beta release, but we consider it 99% complete...just a few little kinks to work out.

The Session Designer allows you to create your own diagrams and training sessions.  You can download them to your computer or print them out.

We should have it available for public release in the next 3-4 weeks.  In the meantime if you are interested in becoming a Beta tester please check the following conditions and if you can fulfill those, send me an email with Beta Tester as the subject line.

We are looking for Beta testers who can test the Session Designer on three main browsers - IE, Firefox and Google Chrome.  We are also looking for Beta testers who can test on the Apple/Safari platform.  As a Beta tester we would like you to report on any bugs you find and although we have more functions to be added in the 1.5 release, we would like you to let us know of any new functions you would like added.

This post was from 2011.  We no longer need beta testers.  Thanks.


Mike Saif

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