Get Your Goalkeeper Involved In the Possession Phase Part 4

By Jakub Pietrzak, 

Goalkeeper involvement during the possession phase is growing. Most coaches try to make their teams play out from the back, straight from goal kicks, using their goalkeeper. That makes the ability to receive and pass the ball very important for the goalkeepers aspiring to make it at the highest level. In the presented below drills, goalkeepers can improve their technique and decision making.

Drill 1

Number: 4 goalkeepers

Needed: 2 cones, 1 ball

Goalkeepers positioned as below. Goalkeeper A starts with the ball passing to the goalkeeper C, who plays a short pass back and goalkeeper A sets him back on the other side of the cone. All the passes done using the back foot. After that combination goalkeeper C does exactly the same with goalkeeper B. Then goalkeeper B with goalkeeper D. The ball circulating constantly.

Drill 2

Number: 4 goalkeepers

Needed: 2 cones, 2 balls

Goalkeepers positioned as below in pairs. First player on each cone starts with the ball on the right side of the cone, second in pair on the left side of the cone without the ball. Players A and C make a pass to goalkeepers B and D respectively. After that they follow their pass while goalkeepers B and D work on their first touch across the cone and try to find a pass with their second touch. Focus on the weight of pass, and the accuracy.

Drill 3

Number: 4 goalkeepers

Needed: 2 balls

Goalkeepers positioned as below. Goalkeeper A in goal. 3 other goalkeepers positioned on 3 different angles. 2 of them with the ball. Goalkeeper B starts the drill by passing to A who has to always pass to the player off the ball so he kicks it long to goalkeeper D. After that receives the pass from goalkeeper C and plays back to goalkeeper B. Swap after 10/15 passes.

By Jakub Pietrzak

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