Get Your Goalkeeper Involved In the Possession Phase Part 2

By Jakub Pietrzak, 

Goalkeeper involvement during the possession phase is growing. Most coaches try to make their teams play out from the back, straight from goal kicks, using their goalkeeper. That makes the ability to receive and pass the ball very important for the goalkeepers aspiring to make it at the highest level. In the presented below drills, goalkeepers can improve their technique and decision making.

Drill 1
Number: 4 goalkeepers
Needed: 4 cones, 1 ball

Goalkeeper D starts the drill by playing a short pass to goalkeeper C (1), who plays a back pass to goalkeeper D who moves into the space (2). Goalkeeper D plays a long pass all the way to goalkeeper A who plays exactly the same combination with goalkeeper B. Vary the types of passes, movement off the ball and the amount of touches.

Drill 2
Number: 4 goalkeepers
Needed: 4 cones, 2 balls

In the grid of size 20x40 yards, goalkeepers positioned as on the diagram. Two pairs start the drill at the same time by C and D making passes (1) respectively to goalkeepers A and B who receive the ball (2) and after making a pass back (3), swap positions (4).

Drill 3
Number: 3 goalkeepers
Needed: 2 goals, 5 balls

In the grid of a size of 30x30 yards goalkeepers are positioned as on the diagram. Goalkeeper A starts by passing to goalkeeper B, who touches the ball with his back foot and passes it to goalkeeper C. Vary the types of passes and the way goalkeepers receive/catch the ball.

By Jakub Pietrzak

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