Ball Handling and Catching - 2

By Jakub Pietrzak, 

The drills below focus on the improving the ability of handling and catching the ball. That’s the basic skill for a goalkeeper at any level. Currently we see a big trend among the goalkeepers, being very good with the ball at their feet and playing far away from their goal. Despite that handling is still a skill that has to be at a fantastic level if you want your goalkeepers to progress in the game. All the drills have a physical aspect and aim to improve the goalkeepers movement.

Number: 3 goalkeepers
Needed: 1 ball

Goalkeepers positioned in a triangle. First one throwing the ball in the air to catch on his left side. After catching the ball he passes the ball on the ground while lying. The third GK repeats the throw and the GK who started on the ball, catches the ball while diving on the left shoulder. If there are 4 goalkeepers, do it once on the right, once on the left side.

Number: 4 goalkeepers
Needed: 2 balls

4 goalkeepers positioned as on the diagram. In the order they run out of goal, around 6 yards away from the goal and catch the ball thrown by the coach in the air. After catching it they come back to the end of the queue. Goalkeepers are constantly on the move as the coach uses constantly 2 balls. The type of passes and the type of movement after catching and throwing back the ball can vary.

Number: 4 goalkeepers
Needed: 2 balls

4 goalkeepers positioned as in the diagram. A and B with the ball in their hands, C and D moving sideways change their positions and catch the balls thrown by their partners. After catching the ball, balls come back to goalkeepers A and B while C and D rotate again. Different types of passes and handling should be used. Different forms of movement sideways should be done by players C and D.

By Jakub Pietrzak

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