Corner Kicks to Score More Goals

A corner kick is such a great way to create a scoring opportunity that is amazes me how little some coaches and teams emphasize these situations in their training.

Below is one way to organize your team for attacking corner kicks..  There are many others but this should give some basic ideas to start.

Player 1 is the player taking the corner.

Player 2 starts at the near post.

Player 3 starts just in front of the keeper.

Player 4 starts on the end line 3 yards outside of the far post.

Player 5 starts between the 6 and the 12 yard spot.

Players 6, 7 and 8 starts together outside the 18 and far post.

Player 9 starts 23-30 yards out

Player 10 starts back near the midfield line.

The keeper is in back somewhere between the 18 and midfield

The key is for all players to understand their roles and that each is extremely important whether they are inside the 18 or back at the midfield line.

Player 1’s job is to take the corner kick and then get involved.  Too often a player takes the corner kick and then stands and becomes an observer.  The player must get involved whether this means working their way back to stay in an onside position or winning the second ball or making themselves available as an outlet.

Player 2 will start at the near post and then go back towards the center of the goal, switching positions with player 3.  Once they get to the keeper their objective is to win the ball and to get in the keepers way WITHOUT GETTING CALLED FOR OBSTRUCTION.

Player 3 will sprint towards the near post and try to win any balls played there.  By sprinting forward they are also trying to draw the keeper with them to create space behind them.

Player 4 will try to make the goal bigger.  Their objective is to win any ball far post and also to redirect any ball that is played outside the 18.

Player 5 has a great deal of freedom.  The only rule for them is to NOT stand still.  They can go near post.  They can float far post.  They can run out towards 6, 7 and 8 and get in the way of their marks and then make a new run.

Players 6, 7 and 8 make runs based on each other.  One might go straight toward the end line and then cut in 6 yards out.  One might go across the field and then cut in at the middle and the third might hesitate a moment and then go diagonally in.

Player 9 holds their run and then goes to the top of the D to win second balls.

Player 10 stays back to prevent counter attacks.

Again, this is just one possibility for attacking corner kicks.  There are many others and it doesn’t matter which you choose, the key is to make sure your team has a plan, practices their plan and executes their plan.

There are some excellent ideas for set pieces in the DVD Attacking Set Plays

Have a great day!


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