Selecting the Best Players OR the Best Team

When putting a team together or when picking a starting 11 one of the challenges is whether to pick the best players or the best team.

This might seem to be the same thing because to some, the best team is the one with the best players on it but the reality is this rarely is the case.

As a very obvious example, if the 11 best players are all forwards and those are the players you choose as your starting 11 you had better score a LOT of goals since you have no backs, no keeper and no midfielders.

Logic would dictate a good mix of forwards, midfielders, backs and a keeper as the starting 11 but even that isn’t good enough.  If you decide to play a 4-3-3 formation and choose 3 predominantly left footed forwards, you have a problem.

If your style of play is to have the ball stay on the ground the whole time, choosing 2 big. slow forwards who are dominant in the air but have questionable foot skills might not be a good decision.

If you decide to play with three center midfielders and all three want to go forward and not worry about getting back to defend, you have a problem.

It’s also important to have players who understand their roles and as valuable as a goal scorer or creative play maker might be, hard nosed defensive midfielder and outside back who is willing to cover space for others is just as important.

Assemble 11 players and you have a group.  Assemble 11 cohesive players who know their roles, and work well together to maximize each others strengths and offset each others weaknesses and you have a team.

Just something to think about.

Have a great day!


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