Attacking With Longer Passes

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on possession, attacking and longer passes.

This is a 4 v 4 game with a third team resting.  The field is 40 x 30 and there is an extra 10 yards on each end line.  Two small goals are set up 10 yard beyond each endline with a player from the resting team in each goal.

The two teams must stay inside the field but to score a goal they must pass/shoot the ball through the goals on the end they are attacking.

In many small sided games, goals are scored by dribbling through a goal or dribbling up to a goal and then making a very short pass.  In this activity the players have make a longer but still accurate pass to score.

To make it more challenging you can move the goals back another 5 or 10 yards to require an even longer pass to score the goal.

If you want to increase the size of the field you can play 5 v 5 and now you would have a neutral player from the resting team on each sideline for support.

Other variations would include requiring the ball to be in the air when it goes through the goal.  This would mean the ball would have to be chipped or driven to score.

Unfortunately, with the emphasis on small sided games and with short passing, the ability to play a longer ball is frequently a neglected skill in soccer.  These types of games help to overcome this.

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