Leading With Your Hands

Welcome to the Goalkeeping Newsletter. Today’s topic deals with leading with your hands.

It’s extremely important to try to meet the ball at the earliest point possible.

Too often keepers wait for the ball to come to them (whether they are standing or diving) and with only a few instances (high balls over the keepers head being one) the keeper should try to come forward to meet the ball whenever possible.

One way to do this is make sure keepers hands are always out front and to lead with the hands.

As an example, instead of holding the hands close to the body when in their stance, if the keeper can get them extended a bit, it will allow them to use their hands to lead their body going forward.

When a keeper is going for a breakaway, the keeper wants to lead with the hands so that the hands are the first part of the body to get to the ball.  This forces the keeper to come forward to meet the ball and also protects the head from the opponent.

Anytime you see keepers catching the ball, encourage them to lead with their hands and go to meet the ball.  If they get their hands going forward to meet the ball, the body will naturally follow.

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