Attacking and Reading Defensive Situations

Welcome to the FineSoccer Drills Newsletter.  Today’s featured activity works on attacking and reading the defensive situation.

Start with an attacker with the ball around 30 yards from ball.  There are 5 defenders spread out and a keeper in goal.

The coach calls a number and as soon as the number is called the attacker tries to get to goal and that number defender sprints to defend.

As an example, if the call is “1” defender one sprints out to defend and the attacker tries to get to goal and score

If the call is “5” defender 5 sprints to defend.

The thing I like about this activity is it prevents the attacker from making a decision ahead of time of what move they might make or how they will get to goal.  Instead, they have to see where the defender is coming from and react accordingly.

You would have a line of attackers so as soon as one has gone the next starts.

You can also have two attackers and one defender or two attackers and two defenders.  This is an excellent way to work on the attackers reading a situation and reacting accordingly.

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