#279 Interview with former US national team member Yael Averbuch

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Today I’m joined by Yael Averbuch . Yeal is a two time NCAA Women's College Cup champion, USA national team member, played in the  UEFA Women's Champions League and also founder of techne.
  1. How did you get involved in soccer growing up?
  2. What was the women’s youth game? did you play on any boys teams?
  3. How was the transition and gap like from the youth game to UNC?
  4. What were you able to take away from your time at UNC?
  5. What was your favorite drill, activity or game at UNC?
  6. How was the transition from UNC to the professional game?
  7. What was the biggest difference playing pro in the north America vs Europe?
  8. What was your favorite drill, activity or game at the pro level?
  9. You’ve been part of some of the best team cultures in soccer what 3 pieces of advice can you give coaches who are looking to build great team culture?
  10. For those that haven’t heard of techne can you tell us a little about the app
  11. What are some new changes from the last time you were on the show




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