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During the month of June I am highlighting my four favorite 1 v 1 training methods. This week's 1 v 1 drill is 'Team 1 v 1'. This builds on the 'Two Line 1 v 1' exercises from last week.

The two lines are now placed on opposite posts of two goals as shown in the diagram. As a review, you can place cones as defenders in the middle of the area. The first players in each line dribble toward the nearest cone, uses a fake, plays away to the right and takes a shot on goal with their next touch. You can use one cone or remove them all together depending on the age and ability of your players.

The main focus of the exercise is on beating a defender in a 1 v 1 situation in order to shoot and score. One line of players start with the ball, pass to the first player in the other line and move to defend. The attacker dribbles at the defender, commits him and uses a fake to create space to shoot or dribble past him.

Coaching Points
Attack the defender to force him to commit
Use the fake before the defender is able to touch the ball
Play away at an angle to get behind defender's shoulder
Vary the fake you use

The players switch lines after each attack. Once all of the players from each team have attacked, the team with the most goals wins. You can play for one or more rounds before declaring a winner.

Switch the lines to the opposite sides of the goal to have the players come from different angles.

As a progression the defender is allowed to counter attack the other goal if they win the ball from the attacker. In order to keep the exercises moving, only allow each player one chance to score.

You can change the starting position of the defender so that the pass and pressure come from different angles.

If you have other progressions for this drill or other 1 v 1 exercises please leave them as a comment.

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