Soccer Conditioning With a Ball

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Soccer Conditioning With a Ball

Improve your players’ fitness and technical ability at the same time with this compilation of highly effective conditioning drills performed with a ball

Now this is comprehensive! Soccer Conditioning with a Ball is a special book overloaded with drills that will boost your players’ fitness while also improving their ball control, first touch, defensive footwork and every other core skill your team needs for success. No more will players waste time standing in lines or running aimlessly around cones, because these conditioning drills are all performed with a ball at your players’ feet.

Deciding whether to work on fitness or technique is a never ending dilemma. Should you focus on improving ball control, dribbling and other core skills? Or is improving your players’ technical ability a waste of time if they don’t have enough gas in the tank to last a full game? Well, with the drills in this book you need never have to make that choice again.

Soccer Conditioning with a Ball is a compilation of the best conditioning drills handpicked from WORLD CLASS COACHING’s vast library. This special book is packed with over 20 exercises which will improve technique and fitness at the same time, covering every core skill and position. This includes dynamic first touch drills with sprint dribbling; high intensity conditioning circuits; 1v1 small sided anaerobic exercises; pattern plays that replicate real game scenarios and much more.

In addition, Soccer Conditioning with a Ball also features ‘soccer science’ articles on the latest sports science research on modern conditioning coaching techniques. So along with a wide ranging compilation of conditioning drills, you can also expand your own knowledge with insights into plyometric and high intensity interval training and how it can be used to get bigger benefits from every coaching session.

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